RSV Testing
in Pasadena

PSC provides reliable on-site RSV testing in Pasadena that can help ensure your business or institution does not become ground zero for an RSV outbreak.

Precise Simple Care

Quick and Simple On-Site RSV Testing in Pasadena

Precise Simple Care offers Respiratory Syncytial Virus testing in Pasadena. RSV is the most common cause of bronchitis and pneumonia in young children and it can pose an existential threat to older individuals. Precise Simple Care provides on-site RSV testing in Pasadena that enables businesses and other organizations to get a handle on the spread of RSV at their location.

PSC brings RSV testing in Pasadena right to your business, educational institution, elderly care facility or other location. This enables you to have most or all of your staff tested at virtually the same time. That way, you get a highly accurate picture of whether RSV has infiltrated your organization.


We bring our state-of-the-art diagnostics to you.


That state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment produces highly accurate results.


Every member of the PSC team undergoes rigorous HIPAA training.

The Need for RSV Testing in Pasadena

Although RSV has long been known to researchers the societal response to covid (extended lockdowns in particular) changed the way RSV spreads. Whereas in past years it was rare to find RSV cases during warm weather months, infections are now peaking during the summer in many places.

Also, research indicates that battling covid can weaken the immune system in many people. Because of this, significant numbers of people who would have been considered low-risk in the past may now be more vulnerable to serious RSV infections. 

Finally, RSV poses a very real threat to young children and seniors, especially if they are already suffering from other conditions. RSV testing is the best way to identify and isolate cases so that they do not become outbreaks that threaten vulnerable groups in the larger community.

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