RSV Testing
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RSV testing in Gardena is the best way to determine if anyone in your organization is carrying the RSV virus. Precise Simple Care provides reliable on-site RSV testing.

Precise Simple Care

Respiratory Syncytial Virus Testing in Gardena

Precise Simple Care provides on-site RSV testing in Gardena that can identify people carrying the virus and prevent them from spreading it to vulnerable groups. RSV, or Respiratory Syncytial Virus, is a common respiratory virus that is highly contagious and typically causes mild cold-like symptoms including runny nose, mild fever and coughing in adults. RSV is the most common cause of bronchitis and pneumonia in children under 1 in the United States and can pose a real danger to both young children and older adults.

The best way to contain the spread of the RSV virus is through testing. At PSC our testing regimen is driven by the following fundamental principles.


We consult closely with you to arrange testing at the least disruptive time.


Our highly trained field technicians produce the most accurate results possible.


Every member of the PSC team is thoroughly trained in HIPAA regulations.

RSV Testing in Gardena: Why Now?

There are several reasons why we are hearing about RSV these days. First of all, people are much more health conscious in the wake of the pandemic. And secondly, the spread of, and response to, covid has caused changes in the spread of the RSV virus. 

Long known to peak during the winter months, RSV infections have now been popping up, and even peaking, at atypical times of the year, including summer. Because of this, it’s important to stay ahead of the virus, especially for those who have young children or older family members living with them.

Timely On-Site RSV Testing

It is unlikely an RSV outbreak will cause significant disruptions to your business, school or other organization. But what can happen is that an infected person can spread the virus to others in the office or school. The infected individual then goes out into the community where they come in contact with kids and elderly folks who then contract the virus and get seriously ill. 

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