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Covid-19 testing remains the most effective frontline tool in the fight to contain Covid. For expert on-site Covid testing in Torrance contact Precise Simple Care.

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On-site Covid-19 Testing in Torrance

The good news is that the dark days of 2020 and 2021 are behind us. The bad news is that the coronavirus is still here and still producing new and vexing variants. While new cases are down significantly from their peak 500,000 people worldwide still contract covid every day worldwide. If we are to keep the virus at arms length we all need to remain vigilant. Precise Simple Care provides covid testing in Torrance for organizations large and small that enables them to nip outbreaks in the bud and provide a safe environment for their workers, students and visitors.

Nearly 3/4 of all adults in California have been fully vaccinated. But even so, new covid variants are emerging at an alarming pace some of which have found their way around the protections afforded by vaccines.


We work closely with our clients to minimize disruption to their operations.


We use state-of-the-art diagnostics to ensure the accuracy of results.


We provide a secure, HIPAA-compliant online system for accessing test results.

Keeping Your Business Safe and Open

Experts estimate businesses have lost some $8 trillion due to covid closures, reduced hours and other forms of disruption. By enlisting PSC to conduct covid testing of your business you can ensure the safety of your workplace and prevent it from becoming ground zero for a costly new outbreak.

To learn more or to arrange for testing at your facility contact PSC by calling 310-845-6632. Or write to us at

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