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New covid variants are emerging all the time. Covid-19 testing in Santa Monica by Precise Simple Care remains the most important frontline defence against outbreaks.

Precise Simple Care

Fast and Precise Covid-19 Testing in Santa Monica

If you need someone to conduct Covid-19 testing in Santa Monica for your employees, students, team members or others, then look no further than Precise Simple Care. We provide covid testing for organizations large and small that is convenient, affordable and fully compliant with all HIPAA regulations concerning the handling and storage of personal health information.

Our Covid-19 testing in Santa Monica is conducted in accordance with our 3 foundational principles:


We work with you to determine the best time to conduct testing so that your organization experiences minimal disruptions.


It's vital that our clients are able to depend on their test results. To that end, we employ the best testing materials and proven methodologies.


Each one of our field technicians undergoes rigorous HIPAA training in order to ensure the private information of our clients stays private.

Why Covid-19 Testing in Santa Monica Still Matters

New Covid variants are emerging all the time. In some cases, they have proven particularly adept at circumventing the protections typically afforded by vaccines. In other cases, vaccines provide reliable protection, but a person can still become an asymptomatic carrier. Therefore, covid testing becomes the frontline way to prevent these variants from reaching the most vulnerable.

Historically businesses and schools have been some of the most common breeding grounds for covid outbreaks as large numbers of people are brought together in confined spaces. At the same time it is not possible for these places to remain closed forever, nor is it possible to bring all of your employees or students to a testing centre.

Enter PSC

We bring our team of highly-trained testing professionals to you at a time of your convenience. All testing is conducted using state-of-the-art diagnostic materials and best practices. When we finish we post all results to our secure online system and designated individuals in your organization are given access. 

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Timely, on-site covid testing can help ensure your enterprise stays open and your people feel safe and PCS are industry leaders when it comes to providing this important service. To arrange for testing, call PSC at 310-845-6632. Or write to us at