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Now that covid case numbers are down to a manageable level it is in everyone's interest that they stay that way. To that end, the best and easiest way to ensure containment of the coronavirus is regular testing. This is particularly true of companies, schools and other places where large numbers of people gather in close proximity to one another. Precise Simple Care provides covid testing in Santa Ana for organizations large and small that enables them to prevent isolated cases from becoming debilitating outbreaks.

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Covid Testing in Santa Ana Made Simple

If you think that arranging for covid testing of your staff members will be a cumbersome, disruptive process think again. We make covid testing in Santa Ana easier than most people imagine by combining state-of-the-art technology with our extensive experience. We work closely with owners and managers in the days leading up to testing to ensure the process is conducted at the most convenient time, in the least disruptive fashion. Our only goal is to help you ensure your organization is not blind-sided by an outbreak that could have been prevented if caught early enough. Convenience is not the only benefit you enjoy when you enlist Precise Simple Care to conduct your covid testing in Santa Ana. You can also be sure of:


Our testing team is supplied with the absolute latest technology and rigorously trained in its use. You can have the highest degree of confidence in the accuracy of your test results.


All medical information must be handled in a way that complies with the latest privacy rules and regulations. All of our team members are fully versed in HIPAA compliance.


Test results are typically available within 24 hours of testing. Not only that, you can access them at any time through our secure online service.

Don’t Let Covid Gain a Foothold in Your Company

Testing will play a major role in covid mitigation efforts going forward. To arrange for reliable, affordable covid testing in Santa Ana call Precise Simple Care today at 310-845-6632. Or, if you prefer, you can write to us at

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