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Covid Testing in Riverside by Precise Simple Care is the best way to ensure your business, school or other organization does not become ground zero for a covid outbreak.

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Quick and Precise Covid-19 Testing in Riverside

With more than 500,000 news cases being reported worldwide every day Covid-19, while significantly diminished, is still very much with us. If we are to reach the point where we can truly leave it behind, everyone will need to do their part. This includes businesses and other organizations that have historically been breeding grounds for outbreaks. Precise Simple Care provides covid testing in Riverside for organizations that enables them to keep covid effectively at bay.

Covid-19 testing in Riverside is too important to be handled in a haphazard way. For that reason our approach to our work is driven by 3 core values:


Any kind of large-scale health screening has the potential to be disruptive if not thought out in advance. We work closely with our clients ahead of time to arrange for testing on a day and at a time that will minimize any disruptions to their organization.


Every member of our team undergoes extensive HIPAA training. In addition, we post test results to our secure online system within 24 hours and provide access only to designated individuals. That online reporting system also complies with HIPAA guidelines for handling health information.


A positive test can have a significant impact on a person's work and personal life. For that reason, it is imperative that test results be as accurate as possible. We use state-of-the-art equipment combined with best practices to ensure the most accurate results possible.

HIPAA Compliant Covid Testing Riverside

Every member of the team at Precise Simple Care undergoes continuous HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) training in order to stay current with the law and its application. You can rest easy knowing that the private information of your staff, students and others is being dealt with in a responsible, legally compliant manner.

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