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For most residents of LA, the worst of the pandemic is behind them and they have been able to resume something like a normal life. Not so for LA's retirement homes and other assisted living facilities. Covid continues to present an existential threat to thousands of retirement home residents meaning the importance of covid-19 testing for retirement homes in LA cannot be overstated. Precise Simple Care provides timely, accurate covid-19 testing at a rate your facility can afford.

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Why Covid-19 Testing for Retirement Homes in LA Matters

Anyone who has kept track of pandemic-related statistics is aware that seniors bore the brunt of the pandemic. In fact, more than 90% of all covid-related fatalities were people over 65, with 1/3 of those deaths being people over 80. In other words, just the kind of person you are likely to find in a retirement home. Even today, while total deaths are down, those percentages still hold true. The surest way to prevent the residents of your retirement facility from becoming unfortunate statistics is to engage Precise Simple Care to conduct regular covid-19 testing. Regular covid-19 testing for retirement homes in LA will produce an array of benefits for both owners and residents including:


Both residents and caregivers will rest easier knowing the facility is either covid free or that cases are being quickly identified and dealt with.

Paperless monitoring

We engage in thorough consultations with our clients ahead of time to ensure covid-19 testing does not disrupt the normal operations of their facility.

Speed and accuracy

When dealing with seniors who are most vulnerable to the virus it is vitally important to obtain fast, accurate results. We provide results within 24 hours of testing.

Arrange for Covid-19 Testing

Regular testing is the best way to ensure the safety of your retirement home and its residents. To learn more or to arrange for covid-19 testing for your LA retirement home call Precise Simple Care at 310-845-6632, or write to:

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