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One of the most unfortunate aspects of the pandemic was that it preyed upon the most vulnerable, which included countless seniors in nursing homes and other assisted living facilities. Today, protocols are in place to prevent a repeat of what happened early on in the pandemic and one of the most important of those protocols is regular covid-19 testing. As we move forward, covid-19 testing for nursing homes in LA is vital to ensure the safety and health of all concerned.

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The Importance of Covid 19 Testing in Nursing Homes

Although life has returned to something like normal for most people these days, LA’s nursing homes are still in a tenuous state. Too many elderly nursing home residents are still contracting and succumbing to the virus, which only serves to highlight the importance of ongoing covid-19 testing for nursing homes in LA. Precise Simple Care can provide that testing at a rate your facility can afford. There is no way to overstate the importance of conducting regular covid testing in LA’s nursing homes. The virus continues to present challenges to nursing home operators and an existential threat to residents. When you enlist Precise Simple Care to conduct your covid-19 testing your facility and its residents will enjoy the following benefits:

Peace of mind

The past few years have been incredibly stressful for residents of LA's nursing homes. Knowing their facility is free of covid will provide much-needed peace of mind.


Our team members conduct covid 19 testing in nursing homes in LA at a time that creates the fewest possible disruptions to normal operations.

Speed and accuracy

Getting fast accurate results is crucial when testing in nursing homes. We post our results to our secure online server within 24 hours of testing.

Professional Service

Residents can rest easy knowing their confidential medical information will stay confidential. Every member of our staff is fully trained in HIPAA compliance.

The best way to ensure the safety of your facility is to schedule regular covid-19 testing for nursing homes in LA. To learn more or to arrange testing for your facility contact Precise Simple Care by calling 310-845-6632, or writing to:

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