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Covid testing is one of the best ways to ensure we stay ahead of the ever-mutating coronavirus. A regular program of covid testing ensures your company, school or other organization does not become a safe haven for the virus or the epicenter of a fresh outbreak. Precise Simple Care provides fast, reliable covid testing in Inglewood that will allow your employees, students or guests to rest easy knowing the environment in which they work, learn or play is a healthy one.

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Cost-Effective Covid Testing in Inglewood

Conservative estimates place the total cost of the pandemic at $16 trillion. While governments assumed nearly 50% of that debt, most of the rest was shouldered by companies, many of whom did not survive. Now that things have returned to something like normal it is imperative that we do not have a repeat of recent events, and the best way to ensure containment of the virus is to conduct regular covid testing. Regular covid testing can catch rogue infections before they spread and undermine a company's bottom line. In that sense, it is the cost-effective alternative to simply keeping one's fingers crossed and hoping for the best. When you enlist Precise Simple Care to conduct your covid testing in Inglewood you can be sure of:


We work closely with our clients to ensure covid testing of their employees, students, volunteers and others does not disrupt their normal operations.


We use the latest technology combined with best practices to ensure all test results are as accurate as they can possibly be.


There are very strict guidelines in place governing the handling of medical information. Every member of the Precise Simple Care team is fully versed in HIPAA compliance.

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If you want to ensure your organization is part of the long-term covid solution and that you are able to keep your doors open and your staff and visitors safe, call Precise Simple Care at 310-845-6632 and arrange for covid testing in Inglewood.

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