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When the pandemic hit few industries were impacted as completely as the film and television production industry. Movie and TV sets throughout LA were closed down, throwing countless numbers of industry professionals out of work, and creating a gap in movie production in particular that is still being felt at cinemas. Now that film and TV production is back up to full speed it’s important that there not be any backsliding. Precise Simple Care provides expert, highly-accurate covid-19 testing for film & TV productions in LA because the show must go on.

Precise Simple Care

Fast and Convenient Covid 19 Testing for Film & TV Productions in LA

The pandemic caused an unprecedented number of film and TV productions to shut down. In some cases, the closures lasted a year or more. Now that they are back up and running producers and studios are eager to make sure the nightmare does not repeat itself. The most effective way to do that is to enlist the services of Precise Simple Care to perform regular covid-19 testing. Our team of highly trained experts come to you with state-of-the-art technology that produces fast, highly accurate results you can use to ensure everyone on set is covid free. Producers and studios trust Precise Simple Care because we provide more than covid testing, we also provide:


There is no need to shut things down so that your crew can go to a clinic to be tested. We come right to your studio or location and conduct our testing with minimal disruption.

Paperless monitoring

Multi-million dollar productions need to stick to the schedule. Our fast, accurate covid testing enables productions to move forward confident they’ll meet their deadline.

Speed and accuracy

All testing is done using state-of-the-art equipment with results typically available within 24 hours by accessing our secure server.

Arrange for Covid-19 Testing

Every member of the Precise Simple Care team is thoroughly trained in HIPAA compliance. You can be certain that test results will only go to those authorized to see them.

To arrange for covid-19 testing for your film or TV production call PSC at 310-845-6632, or write to:

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