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Now that the coronavirus is on the defensive it is in everyone’s interest to ensure it does not make a comeback. The best and most effective way to contain the coronavirus is for organizations to engage in regular testing. Timely covid testing can catch isolated covid cases before they spread and overwhelm an organization’s ability to cope. If you want to make sure your company, school, sports team or other group is part of the long-term covid solution contact Precise Simple Care and ask about covid testing in Costa Mesa.

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Covid Testing in Costa Mesa for Organizations Large & Small

Any time people gather in close proximity to work, learn, conduct meetings or play organized sports the risk of coronavirus transmission increases significantly. It does not take much for a thriving business to be shut down or drastically curtailed due to a covid outbreak whose early stages went undetected. Don’t let that happen to you. Precise Simple Care provides convenient, accurate covid testing in Costa Mesa that can root out asymptomatic cases before they have a chance to spread and cause serious disruptions to your operation. When you enlist the team at Precise Simple Care to conduct covid testing at your office or facility you will enjoy the following benefits:

Peace of mind

Everyone rests easier knowing the person beside them is not carrying the coronavirus.


We work closely with owners and managers to arrange testing at a time that is most convenient.


All test results are available to designated individuals within 24 hours.

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The best way to keep the covid genie in the bottle is to make sure your organization engages in regular testing. But since the virus is constantly mutating a single, annual test is not typically going to suffice. To learn more or to arrange covid testing in Costa Mesa for your organization get in touch with the experts at Precise Simple Care by calling 310-845-6632. Or if you prefer you can write to us at:

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