Compliance Commitment

Precise Simple Care provides the highest quality of service to clinicians and clients by providing continuous education and latest laboratory techniques keeping updated on various medication monitoring programs. Precise Simple Care will always provide the clinicians and clients with competent and reliable clinical laboratory results. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of compliance and ethics possible.

The Precise Simple Care Compliance Program was created to guarantee that we uphold all legal, ethical and regulatory policies and standards for our industry. We ensure that all employees invoke honesty and integrity required of healthcare professionals and providers. In addition, this program has been instituted as a means of preventing fraud, abuse and false billings to any third-party payer.

All employees participate in annual compliance training programs and their full understanding is rigorously tested as part of the program.

The safety assurance program ensures that Precise Simple Care is a safe working place for the personnel it employs. All aspects of the laboratory operation are an integral part of a comprehensive safety program.

Employees and all clinical partners are vetted to ensure they are in good standing with Federal and State health care programs.

Precise Simple Care complies with all HIPAA regulations related to the privacy and confidentiality of patient information. The laboratory periodically monitors compliance by auditing current laboratory practice.

Quality control monitoring of lab records and reports for accuracy, completeness and compliance to ensure that quality assurance standards and regulatory requirements are met.