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Based in Los Angeles, we are passionate about promoting community wellness by offering services such as Flu and COVID-19 Screenings
Why Partner With Us?

Precise Simple Care

We are able to accommodate each business, school, and community's different needs with our team of experts who make the screening process is simple. Community health and wellness should be easily accessible and we’re proud to support many organizations, both big and small.

Simple and Convenient

We send our dedicated team to conduct screening on recurring basis based on a schedule that works for you.

No Paper or Pen

Latest technology is being utilized by us that will allow you to easily monitor all individuals screenings and view results when available.

Fast and Accurate

Results from our Flu and COVID-19 screenings are provided within 24 hours to the respective organizations with high accuracy.

Our Services

Fast, Safe Healthcare for Communities

We are dedicated to providing easy, fast and safe healthcare services for schools, businesses and communities. Our automated technology ensures transparency and ease of use, while our highly trained staff is equipped to serve all types of organizations. We bring our services directly to your facility for maximum convenience.

STI Testing

- Simultaneously Detect and Identify Carried STI Pathogens
- Accurate Diagnosis of Asymptomatic STIs Caused by Multiple Pathogens
- Differentiate Between Different STIs Pathogens with Simillar Clinical Symptoms

Wound Pathogen Testing

- Detection of 39 Pathogens and Four Antibiotic Resistance Genes
- Proprietary 24 Antibiotic Polymicrobial sensitivity Assay

UTI Testing

- Detection of 24 Pathogens and Three Antibiotic Resistance Genes
- Proprietary 19 Antibiotic Polymicrobial sensitivity Assay

ENT Testing

- Detection of 48 Pathogens and Three genotypic resistance Genes
- Proprietary 24 Antibiotic Polymicrobial sensitivity Assay

COVID-19 Testing

- PCR COVID-19 Testing on multiple EUA authorized platforms to diagnose your patients quickly and effectively.

RespiCheck Testing

- 4 RespiCheck panels with 5-7 targets each
- Fully customizable for personalized treatment

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